Soul Seasons

Digital Grafitti Award Winning Stop-Motion Animation for “Most Innovative”

The Mission:

The Economic and Community Development and Office of the Arts in Bridgeport offered an art grant called “City Canvases” to beautify and activate urban areas in their city. I was one of the artist’s chosen to participate and received a budget of $1000 to create a video mural to brighten dark areas of the city for a week long projection exhibition. The theme was “change”.

The Outcome:

For this work I created, “Soul Seasons” a stop-motion animation using 1000 pieces of ripped paper from video frames, green screen footage with actors, and motion graphics created in After Effects and Dragon Frame software.

It is part of our human nature to adapt to what is both controlled change and what the universe surprises us with. In my story, I am parallelling life cycles in nature to our own human experiences of change, finding synchronicity and feeling love.

The Impact:

This animation won “Most Innovative” at the Digital Graffiti Projection Festival at Alys Beach, FL in 2012. I was also the featured recipient of the City Canvases art grant in Bridgeport, CT, as well as the featured recipient for an art grant by the Light Artists Making Places, (L.A.M.P.) Festival in New Haven, CT. The piece was also featured at the Factory Underground in Norwalk, CT, and the “A” Gallery in Martha’s Vineyard.

The Making of Soul Seasons:

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