Let in, Let go

A multi-sensory, immersive, video projection mapped room installation for Miami Art Week 2019

The Mission:

Satellite Art Fair provided a 15”X15” room in a defunct co-working space in the Wynwood Walls neighborhood in Miami, to create a memorable installation experience for art goers during Art Basel and Miami Art Week. The goal was to create a mesmerizing, meditative, sanctuary space during the hustle and bustle of the event. The audience was full of creative attendees of all ages, from all over the world, so I set out to create a special piece that could be accessible and captivating for a wide audience.

The Outcome:

For this project I created an immersive three-channel video projection mapped room installation called “Let in, Let go”.

I created a 20 minute audiovisual experience, with synchronizing binaural beats and flowing meditative visuals projection mapped onto the walls.

I set up the surrounding decor in the room with soft white fluffy round rugs and pillows on the floor for attendees to sit back and enjoy the art. The round shapes of the rugs and pillows carried through to the visual style on the walls so there would be a visual consistency. Amber scented candles were burned in the room adding an additional sensory experience for relaxation.

I used three Optoma short throw projectors, madmapper software, and VDMX to run the installation. You can see a 1 minute behind the scenes video below, of how it all came together!

The Impact:

The engagement level for this project was the best I’ve ever seen.  Most attendees stayed in this space for a full hour, enjoying the piece three times over. 15-20 people could fit in the space at a time, which was the perfect size for an intimate experience. This installation was always packed with people from morning until evening.

The work will soon be exhibited at the K Musuem of Contemporary Art in Seoul, South Korea, and it was recently featured on CODAworx’s Magazine “Healing Art V”.

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