Reebok Sneaker Launch Party

Jazzy’s Juke Jam Projections at a Loft Party in Williamsburg

The Mission:

The goal was to create projection decor for Reebok’s Club C sneaker launch party. The event took place in Brooklyn, and was to be filmed for Lena Waithe’s docuseries on Quibi, “You Ain’t Got These.” They needed cool edgy video art as well as branded graphics to create visual moments throughout the space during the party.

The Outcome:

I created site-specific animation and branding elements to be projection mapped on the interior main wall of their event and match the decor of the environment.

The Impact:

The projection walls became an energetic backdrop for a night full of speeches, dance parties, and as the scenic backgrounds for the documentary they were filming to feature the sneaker designer, Jazerai Allen-Lord.

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