Hit The Ground Running Like I Taught You

Transforming an Abandoned Greenwich Home with Memories

The Mission:

“Hit the Ground Running Like I Taught You” was created for a non-profit art project called “Sour Milk”. This show gave 22 artists the opportunity to transform the rooms of a vacant mansion in Greenwich, CT for a one night event before the home was slated for demolition.  

I was given a raw, unfinished garage space and told I could create anything I wanted. I had two weeks to prepare a site-specific installation for the space.

The Outcome:

My dad had just passed away three months before, and being in a garage space like this made me think of him. I decided to transform the space into a tribute of memories commemorating my Dad. “Hit the ground running like I taught you,” was something he said to me when I was traveling solo, and it stuck with me as a mantra for life. I immediately flew to Arizona, a place we had spent a lot of time road tripping together when I was younger. I wanted to capture the open landscape and filmed out each window in the car to film from all angles. The footage was projection mapped onto the walls and windows and combined with additional footage and memories, and artifacts from our life together.

Creating this piece of art was the perfect catharsis to put everything I was feeling into this video installation and I loved the immediacy of the art, in that it could only exist for a moment in time, like life itself.

The Impact:

Several hundred people came through the exhibition and enjoyed the opportunity to dance and chat and share stories in the space. I later proposed a talk to TEDx to share this piece with a larger audience. View my TEDx submission below which tells more about the background concept for the piece. 


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