“High Voltage” Holiday Gala

An In-Your-Face Holiday-Themed Projection Mapping Extravaganza

The Mission:

The goal was to create an immersive exhibit transforming the Danger Gallery for a holiday gala. We wanted to create a memorable themed event for our creative community.

The Outcome:

We transformed the gallery space into a winter wonderland with four projectors shining colorful custom designs on a white Christmas tree, white ornaments, hanging paper lanterns, and the surrounding walls.

Canvases were hung and projection mapped to simulate a variety of outdoor window scenes. The imagery on the walls changed every few minutes from twinkly colorful lights, snow falling, red brick with garland decor, and winter scenes through windows.

We collected classic imagery from holiday movies and projection mapped them into a canvas that created the illusion of a television over a digital fireplace. Lastly, we curated a vintage holiday songs playlist that complimented the scenery and joyful holiday mood.

The Impact:

Over 100 people attended and shot footage of themselves immersed in the work and shared on social media. Attendees said, “I can imagine seeing this display in department stores and private parties all throughout NYC.”

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