Half Full Brewery’s “Supernova” Identity and Product Design

Reinventing the Visual Identity for Half Full Brewery

The Mission:

Half Full Brewery was looking for a designer to create original artwork for their new Supernova Simple Sour beer can packaging. They were looking for something more modern than what had been produced previously and wanted this can to stand alone as something new, fresh and unique.

The Outcome:

After discussing the details with Half Full, I developed ten original design concepts using a combination of hand-drawn illustrations on an iPad pro, digital drawings in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Dimension for 3D renderings.

The Impact:

Half Full says it has become their highest selling beer can design, and they have since produced an innumerable amount of flavors using this same design, distinguished by using different color palettes for each. It looks like all that beer drinking research I did throughout the years have paid off!

iPad Pro illustrations at the Danger Gallery.

iPad Pro illustrations at the Danger Gallery.

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