Live from the Danger Gallery

A Weekly Livestream Video Art & Performance Series During Covid

The Mission:

On March 20th, I received a stay-at-home order for Stamford, CT due to the Covid-19 virus. All of my client events work had paused or cancelled immediately. I had been gearing up to launch a new video lounge performance series at my immersive art space, the Danger Gallery, for our creative community. I wanted to find a way to stay connected, to continue to create and stay motivated during an uncertain time.

The Outcome:

My partner and I teamed up to create a twice weekly livestream show called the “Living Room Lounge”. We gathered the gear and equipment from the gallery and set everything up in our living room. I developed graphic content and interstitials for OBS, and we began to produce an hour long broadcast twice a week. On Wednesday and Saturday nights I host and perform an audiovisual show on YouTube and Facebook simultaneously, live VJing and chatting with the audience about video art, music and creativity. Check out our show each week at 9PM EDT @hollydanger!

The Impact:

We have developed a steady relationship with our regulars who continue to show up with us week after week, engaging and commenting and even contributing video content. It has become an incredibly fun performance project and I’ve had several requests for interviews and in-person performances for those that have come across the work. Within a few hours the performances have hundreds of views, and we continue to improve the production quality and flow each week. Our show was recently a featured performance for the Contemporary Digital Art Fair (CADAF).

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